What Alignz Recruitment Will Do

The Alignz Recruitment solution… is a way for our clients to achieve certain strategic objectives – not simply an outsourced supply function

Our success is driven by building positive working relationships and providing quality service. We do this by realizing that it’s not enough to know your industry – we need to know and understand your business, including your culture, philosophy and mission. Only by fully understanding all of these, can we gather the critical information that will allow us to recruit the most appropriate candidate to best suit the employer staffing needs.

Alignz Recruitment will put in place a designated Recruitment Consultant to ensure your service needs are met or even exceeded. We will also implement an ongoing recruitment strategy, to continually top up the available candidates pool and develop a database register, to ensure against demand supply shortages.

Alignz Recruitment is also highly committed to the welfare of all staff. We fully orientate all employees and provide a comprehensive information kit. This is to ensure that they understand your culture, your expectations and the terms and conditions of their employment.