Temporary Recruitment Methodology

Job Order Taking

Alignz Recruitment Consultants will utilize a customized client Job Order form, manual and electronic, for a detailed account of the specific requirements of each role required to be filled. All orders (regardless of how they have been received) are then documented directly into Alignz Recruitment candidate and client database, and are checked to ensure all appropriate information to efficiently fill job brief has been gathered.

Specific to a temporary assignment, the turnaround time required to fill an assessment can vary on the client specific arrangement, nature of assignment, number of staff required and specialist candidate sourcing requirements. However, at the time of responding to any job brief we gather comprehensive information to ensure that the temporary candidates with the appropriate skills, competencies and experience are able to be matched to meet the requirements of client

Service Times “Our PROMISE Guaranteed”

  • Same Day orders – The most URGENT of all It is imperative that those clients are able to quickly establish the availability of temporary staff. Alignz Recruitment undertakes to notify you within 15 minutes.
  • Next Day orders – Alignz Recruitment will provide notification by 4.30pm of preceding day.
  • More then Two days notice – Alignz Recruitment will provide notification 24 hours before the commencement of the assignment.
  • 24- hour phone service - Alignz Recruitment also provides a unique 24 hours a day, 7 days a week telephone service. This is available to temporaries and contractors, candidates and clients. The contact number is Hamilton 07 855 2743 or Auckland 09 279 9984

In each case, upon providing notification, Alignz Recruitment will confirm the temporary placement’s name and arrival time.

Unrequired Temporary Staff

There will be no charge to the employer, if a temporary worker is sent home within 60 minutes of arrival.


All applicants undergo a range of general reasoning and logic problems where deemed necessary for placement of employment within your company.

Reference Checking

This is one of the more important functions of our agency. All temporary employees are screened thoroughly and we speak directly to previous employers, reference checking each candidate’s employment history.

Alignz Recruitment consultants follow a specifically designed process to provide them with information regarding traits, transferable skills, work performance, individual qualities and suitability for the vacancy under consideration.

Drug / Health testing and Police Checks

If required by the client and prior to any temp staff (candidate) commencing work on site, he/she will undergo all appropriate and required checks, drug testing and police checks will be conducted by Alignz Recruitment and all relevant copies supplied to the employer prior to commencement.

Drug testing station is NZ certified and Police checks are sent to Wellington.

Behavioural Competency Based Interview

Alignz Recruitment Consultant will conduct a face-to-face interview with each candidate, using critical Behavioural Interviewing techniques.

Verification of Qualification

Alignz Recruitment Operating System contains detailed processes on the verification of New Zealand and International Qualifications and licenses. Alignz Recruitment Consultants are required to sight the original qualification certificate/transcript and make a recording of the appropriate documentation, and may conduct further verification with the appropriate institution or association.

Verification of Legal Right to Work

Alignz Recruitment staff sight and verify documentation to validate the work status and citizenship of all applicants

Aptitude Testing

Alignz Recruitment understands the importance of ensuring all candidates undergo skills and aptitude testing appropriate to the competency requirements of the role being perform.

PPE Equipment

Alignz Recruitment is aware that temporary employees must maintain the appropriate work place dress and relevant Personal Protective Equipment. This may include:

  • Hi-Visibility Yellow Safety Vest
  • Long Pants
  • Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Steel Capped Shoes

On clients sites, or specific positions, have additional PPE requirements, we would assess those individually.


Should a temporary employee for some reason be unavailable for an assignment, he/she is asked to contact Alignz Recruitment directly. Then we advise the appropriate client contact of the absence, and arrange a replacement if and when required.

Temp evaluation report

Evaluation forms are forwarded to client companies where the temporary candidate is currently assigned. These evaluations are designed to accurately appraise and provide feedback on our temporary employees.


A timesheet will be provided at the commencement of each assignment. These are to be completed at the end of each week and it is the responsibility of our temporary employees to ensure that timesheets are sent directly to Alignz Recruitment before 10am the following Monday. If necessary, Alignz Recruitment will design a customized time sheet to meet individual client’s internal processing requirements.

Our four-hour performance guarantee

If you are not satisfied with a Alignz Recruitment temporary employee, we have a four-hour performance guarantee. If for any reason, the temporary employee proves unsatisfactory, and providing you notify Alignz Recruitment within the first four hours, you will not be charged. A replacement will be provided upon request.