Health and Safety

Alignz Recruitment and management are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors using the premises as a place of work. Alignz is also committed to continuous improvement and will pursue best practice in occupational health and safety and shall comply with the requirements of any relevant legislation.

Health and Safety Procedures:

  • Effective procedures have been introduced and are maintained to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified and appropriate measures introduced to control these hazards.
  • Appropriate records are kept of the hazard management programme.
  • Hazard identification procedures and risk assessment are in place and monitored and regularly updated.
  • All employees are trained, supervised and provided with information to undertake their duties safely.
  • All accidents and incidents are reported to the Recruitment Consultant / Health & Safety Representative.

Management Responsibilities:

  • The Management will take all practicable steps for the responsibility of all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety for Alignz employees.
  • Management will support the safe and early return to work of injured employees.
  • Management shall consult with employees on all health and safety matters that affect them.
  • Conduct regular inspections of worksites to ascertain that they meet safety requirements.
  • Management will comply with all applicable legislation, amendments, regulations, standards and codes of practice.
  • Adequate training, information, instruction and supervision shall be provided.
  • Contractors and visitors shall be made aware of safety procedures.
  • Management shall respond promptly to any health and safety issues brought to their attention.
  • All accidents and near misses are properly recorded, reported and investigated.

Employees Responsibilities:

  • All employees are responsible for carrying out work in a way that does not adversely affect their own health and safety and that of other workers.
  • All employees shall learn and understand the health and safety rules and will comply with them.
  • Employees must be certain that they completely understand instruction before starting work, avoid taking short cuts and always use safe work practices.
  • Employees shall correctly use any information, training, personal protective equipment and safety devices provided.
  • If in doubt about the safety of a task, employees must stop and get instructions before continuing.
  • Employees shall make sure they understand exactly what their responsibilities are in emergencies.
  • Employees must know how and where Health and Safety advice can be obtained.
  • Employees must report all accidents and unsafe conditions to their Manager or Health & Safety Representative